Nickanddogs Nicky has now returned to Surrey and is back at work and I should explain that I live most of the time in Cornwall now. My husband Nick and I have found a little piece of heaven in Cornwall and it is getting more and more difficult to drag ourselves away from it. Nicky’s role in The Quilt Room has become even more important as she is there every day making sure everything runs smoothly. Here is a picture of Nick with our three dogs Inky with her two daughters Penny and Dot. You’ll be seeing a lot more of them I’m sure.

Gillianandharvey2_3 It is lovely when friends come to visit and the past few days have been really interesting. An old friend David has been down with his lovely new girlfriend Gillian and what has been so interesting is that she has a seizure alert dog called Harvey. I had heard of guide dogs and dogs for the deaf but I hadn’t realised that dogs could be trained to alert their owners when a seizure is approaching and to look after them during the seizure.

I really need to learn more about this as it seems such a good cause to support. Thought you would like to see a picture of Harvey – he never leaves Gillian’s side and is such a perfect dog. He made my three dogs seem very naughty!