Bagsevenseas1_4 Look at these gorgeous bags! They were on the Japanese Seven Islands stand at Quilt Market to display their fabrics. We have ordered some of their lovely fabrics which are ideal for bag making as they are a slightly thicker weave.

They also have matching tapes for handle making and ties. Just can’t wait for them to come in – they are meant to be arriving end July so hopefully they will be with us in time for the NEC.


I’ve actually had a chance to go through all the catalogues and brochures we picked up at Quilt Market and there is so much more I’ve go to tell you about.

I’m meant to be working on a pattern today and I have nearly finished it. Some fabulous fabrics have just arrived in the warehouse and Nicky is going to make up this lovely quilt we saw at Market. It is made from Anna Griffin’s new range called Georgette’s Wedding.

If you’ve got a wedding present to make then how about this for the height of sophistication. Dscf2726_2 Subtle cream and grey with a stunning floral. Nicky fell in love with it and is going to make the shop sample. There will be a kit available but you’ll just have to give me time to complete the instructions!

Yes that is me holding it up – I don’t look terribly elegant. There is someone the other end but they’ve managed to hide themselves!