Dscf2759 I should have put this photo in the blog yesterday but I forgot I had it.  When I mentioned matching tape, it didn’t sound quite as exciting as I wanted it to sound and then I remembered this photo that Nicky took when we were on the Seven Islands’ stand in Portland.

We haven’t ordered all of these but it just gives you an idea of their gorgeous range. If I’m honest I can’t  remember exactly what we ordered. We didn’t find their stand until the last afternoon of the last day of the show. You might wonder how we could have missed it but the show is enormous and it is easily done.

Mandy Shaw (who has just written the book Quilt Yourself Gorgeous) will be doing a workshop for us later in the year and she will be making a jewellery roll from some of these fabrics complete with matching tape!Watch out for this in our Workshop Programme which is due out on 1st July. I think she is coming in November so this will give you plenty of time to make some Christmas presents.