ChooksI did promise to introduce you to the new members of my family. Here are Nadine, Kimberley and Cheryl – named after members of the girl band Girls Aloud which seemed appropriate! Cheryl has the black tips to her tail and the other two have white tips. Cheryl has the habit of pecking at the others’ tail feathers so they are looking a bit raggedy at the moment. I hope she grows out of this as I don’t know how you start discipling a chicken. Any advice would be gratefully received.

Never having kept chickens before, I am amazed at how friendly they are and they all have been as good as gold and left me an egg every morning.

Dsc01027 And look how the ducklings have grown. They are now nearly six weeks old and we still have all 13 of them. I think it must be nearly time for them to fly off but they seem very happy at the moment to stay around the pond – Nick says I am making them too comfortable!

They don’t like to be herded into their house at the end of the day now so maybe the time is right for them to fend for themselves.

I would like them to come back and visit us now and again – maybe they will.