CarolynIt is always a bit of a panic to get the Workshop Programme out in time and this year has been especially manic. It seems to get half way done and then little things need finalising so it is always a mad rush at the end.

Nicky has been working all weekend to get things finished and it is now out.  If you are on our email listing you should have received it by now but if not, then you can view the whole programme with photos on the website.

Here is a picture of Carolyn Forster who is well known to lots of you. This photo was taken at Sandown where she was promoting her best selling book Quilting on the Go. She teaches our midweek beginners and intermediates plus lots of other classes though the year. She has a new workshop this term for the advanced quilter so if you are interested don’t waste any time – there has been lots of interest in it.

Just to let you know what else I’ve been doing in the last day or so. Do you remember me telling you about the lovely booth at Portland Quilt Market of Tanya Whelan of Grand Revival. We absolutely loved it and her new range of fabrics Ava Rose produced by Westminster Fabrics was our favourite of the show. Here is a picture of it just to remind you how beautiful it was gorgeous pinks, aquas and pale greens in retro designs.

Grand_revivalAnyway, went to place my order for a couple of bolts each of the whole range with Rowan who are the UK distributors and what do you think…..they are not going to stock it and were not prepared to order it in for me!!! How strange when her Barefoot Roses range has been one of our best sellers.

So for the last day or so I’ve been tracking it around Europe and America and have managed to get some ordered. Nicky and I would have been mortified if we could not get hold of it. It is due out August although we might not get delivery until early September.

It will be in our next Catalogue, so when you see it you will know just what lengths we go to to get what we want! Somethings are just worth it though. Have also ordered Heather Bailey’s new range Pop Garden and that is due in at about the same time – another gorgeous one.

Ducks_013One last thing, I must tell you about the ducks. Sunday morning they ventured out of the pond and all 13 of them were heading downstream towards the river.

They stopped for a while in the ford and we thought that this was it and off they would go and would not be seen again. They even started trying out their wings as you can see. They played around for a while, then had a sleep and then decided that that was enough adventure for one day and back they all went to the pond.

So back they all are in the pond looking quite content.