Min2While Nicky is busy organising her new longarm quilting blog which I think looks great, I am taking delivery of my new chickens. Cheryl, Nadine and Kimberly are still laying an egg every day which is great but not quite enough.

My sister-in-law Kelly keeps chickens and she and my  niece Helena have reared nine from eggs. They have kept two but delivered the other seven to me yesterday. Here is Helena with two of them – I have five of the speckled ones and two white ones. I am having to keep them apart from the big girls until they get bigger as they are only 5 weeks at present. If the truth be known we haven’t managed to work out the boys from the girls so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that there are at least 3 or 4 girls.Nickfishdogs_2

…and I couldn’t leave out this photo of Nick with a 6lb sea trout which he caught yesterday. He had the dogs with him and they get so excited when he catches a fish. They leap into the water and he came back to the house without a voice as he had shouted at them so much. Apparently even little Dot was in the water and normally she is very timid.

I honestly do some work when I am in Cornwall and I really am working on the new Catalogue which we are hoping to get out in time for the NEC.

Also I am working on lots more quilts…….but that is another story which will be told at a later date!