Eggs_2 Here are my guinea fowl eggs which I’ve just put in the incubator. I read an article about guinea fowl being used as tick and pest control in the United States and as we do have ticks in our valley I thought I would give it a try. They are not a big problem but as we have sheep on the hills and deer in the woods we do get ticks, although there is no Lyme’s Disease in this area. Apparently on the east coast of America they control ticks by breeding either guinea fowl or quail who apparently eat their body weight in ticks per day. I’m not sure I believe that but if that is the case then it sounds like a brilliant idea to me! They take 28 days to hatch and once reared I shall just let them loose in the woods with some strategic feeders.

I shall keep you posted as to the success. I should just say that my chickens are brilliant and keeping me well stocked with eggs.

The new Jelly Roll  book is having a name change. The publishers I think are changing the order of the title and calling it Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts so I’m not quite sure how to refer to it. Anyway, whatever it is called, it is coming along really well.

We are just finishing the last quilt project which makes 17 quilts plus a larBinding_2ge pillow! I am determined it is going to be great value. Nicky was down at the weekend with lots of the variations newly quilted and which all needed binding. We are making variations of all the quilts as they look so different in other fabrics. I think it really helps to have different variations to inspire you. Our fingers are really sore. I have bound a couple on the sewing machine but I just prefer the look of hand binding. Here in this rather odd photo (very hurriedly taken) is our variation of Hexagon Hip-Hop showing the binding waiting to be done. It might have to wait a few more days for my fingers to recover as we bound six over the weekend.