FromcomputerAutumn is the most beautiful of seasons and on a day like today it is difficult to be inside. This is the view from the window of my computer room so it makes it just about bearable!

All the quilts for our next book Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts are finished and most of the text is with the publishers. So a time to relax just for a while – the dogs have been for a long walk and I have been having a chat with the chickens on the way back.





Here is a picture of my increased family. We have one white cockeral and three speckled hens plus my three brown hens. Only one of the speckled hens has started laying eggs so the other two are being a bit lazy as they are well past 'point on lay'. I shall have to start speaking very sternly to them.

I must also put a photo here of the guinea fowl. I did have 18 eggs but only 9 hatched out – that will teach me not to buy the eggs from ebay! I have found somewhere locally where you can buy day old guinea fowl chicks and that is what I will do next time. It was very exciting watching them hatch out though. They are now two weeks old and growing fast.