Milly  We have been exceedingly worried over the past four weeks about Milly who has been very poorly indeed. Milly is one of the pups of my dog Inky and belongs to Nicky. Anyone visiting the mail order department to drop off a quilt will have met her. She is the most good natured of dogs and we couldn't bear the thought that anything could happen to her.

The vets couldn't work out what was wrong with her but they couldn't get her temperature down and admitted that it was so high it was life threatening.

Eventually she was admitted to a specialist hospital and after tests under general anaesthetic they have diagnosed meningitis – to give it its full name Steroid Responsive Chronic Meningitis. We had no idea that dogs could get meningitis and no one seems to know what causes it. Anyway, now they have started treatment she is well on the way to recovery although it will be many weeks before she is back to her old self. She is still in the hospital but hopefully she will be home at the weekend. She is now actually wagging her tail and rolling over to have her tummy tickled so we know she is feeling better. So join with me to wish her a speedy recovery. GET WELL SOON MILLY.