Pudding We hope you all had a lovely lovely Christmas.

We all lead such busy lives that there seem to be so few occasions when you can get together with all your family. Christmas is one of the occasions when everyone manages to meet up and we should value these times as they are very precious.

This year Nicky and I have had a lovely family Christmas down in Cornwall. There were 11 of us plus 5 dogs for most days and on Boxing Day we were joined by my nephew, wife and baby son. Here is our Boxing Day photo – it was very difficult getting everyone to stay still (especially the dogs) and Nicky had to leap into place after setting the timer. But here we all are. 

Nicky and I would like to wish all our customers and friends a Very Happy New Year. Don't forget the shop is open on Friday, 2nd January for the start of our GRAND SALE.Familygathering