FrozenriverHappy New Year to everyone.

I hope you are all surviving the chill of winter. In Cornwall I think we have had slightly milder weather than in the rest of the country but as you can see from this photo our swift running stream into the river has started freezing up which we have never seen before.

The night before last dropped to about -7 degrees and our tiniest guinea fowl who has always been only half the size of the others didn't make it. We had covered their house with rugs to try and protect them from the cold but in the morning she didn't look right and she died during the day. We are now down to eight. Our chickens however seem to be thriving and have become very adventurous. They can now find their way over the little bridge, across the road and up to the house.


This Christmas present from the girls in the mail order department has been much appreciated – by us and by the birds. We put it out on Christmas Day (as you can see it still has the Christmas star on it) and the birds have loved it.

This photo was meant to have lots of birds feeding but every time I tried to take the photo, the birds all flew away. I didn't have the patience to wait around as it was just too cold so you will just have to take my word for it! Actually you can see the level of the peanuts – that's how much they have eaten.

Nicky and I have spent the last week going through the latest proofs from the publishers for Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts. It is very exciting seeing it all come together. They have had quite a job fitting everything in as we have 17 new quilts for you which is ……a lot!

The deadline for the Jelly Roll Challenge is looming on the horizon so don't delay. Don't forget you can enter from the website or you can just send a photo of your quilt with notes on how you made it through the post. Either way is fine.

Anyway, hope you are all keeping warm. At least it is a good excuse to stay snug inside and do a bit of quilting.