6a00e552908bef8834010535d12030970b-800wi[1]  Now it really is time to put the finishing touches on your jelly roll quilt if you are going  to enter it for the Jelly Roll Challenge. All quilts have to be in by 14th February and we know there are still some of you trying to get yours finished in time.

Just remember that so long as you get your photo in by 14th February, the instructions can be improved upon if your quilt is selected. Don't get too hung up about getting all your diagrams perfect. David & Charles are brilliant at making sure everything reads correctly and making sure that the diagrams show everything. So come on – only a few weeks left and that prize money and new sewing machine could be yours!

Frontcover] Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts is going into its final stages and we are getting very excited. Jelly Roll Quilts has been so popular that we didn't know if we could produce such a good selection of quilts again. Not being of the modest persuasion!!!!, I really think we have got an even greater selection in this book - seventeen quilts and all with variations showing how the quilts look in different colourways!  

The book contains lots more jelly roll quilt designs and some great quilts using layer cakes and charm squares. Having the layer cake and charm squares has really given us lots more design options and we are very pleased with the results. We do hope you agree – we only have to wait a few more months. It will be launched both at Spring Market in Pittsburgh for the American market and at Quilts UK at Malvern for the UK. Nicky and I were in American for the launch of Jelly Roll Quilts but for this book we will be at Malvern signing copies and we will have all the quilts from the book there for you to see.