SNOW Yes this is Milly finding the snow a little bit deep for a spaniel. She really enjoyed herself though.

We had to close the shop on Monday and Tuesday although Nicky and I did get there just in case anyone else managed to get through. We thought that if anyone did brave the roads to come to the shop, they would have been very upset to find it closed. In fact a few brave people did manage to get there on Tuesday – that's how dedicated quilters are!

This is our local church looking extremely picturesque which really shows how much snow we had.SNOW_CHURCH

Just before the snow began falling we had the quilt show at Ardingly last weekend. As always, it is a lovely show – not too big and it has a lovely atmosphere. If you've never been it is well worth a visit. It is always held around the beginning of February – make a note in your diary.

This year all the quilts from Jelly Roll Quilts were on display and they did look good. On our stand we also had some of the quilts from Layer Cake, Jelly Roll and Charm Quilts which is coming out in May.  Here is our stand which gives you a sneak preview of some of the quilts featured in the book.

ARDINGLY  We will be launching the new book at Quilts UK at Malvern so if you are going to be there you will be able to see all the quilts on our stand plus you will be able to buy your signed copy!!

With all the snow you might be wondering how I managed to get home again to Cornwall – not without a bit of difficulty but I am back here safe and sound.


My chickens and guinea fowl really don't like the snow although the dogs have been going mad. Just to finish here is a photo of my guinea fowl who are nearly fully grown. They are at the stage when I think I could give them more freedom but I think I will wait until the weather gets better.

Oh, just one more thing. One of my chickens has just started laying – she has been much slower than the others and guess what – she lays green eggs which are just beautiful. I now collect white, brown and green eggs in the mornings!