Remember when they looked like this …..Babies 


Look what beauties they have grown into. For those who have not followed their progress – these are my guinea fowl and I have reared them to deal with the tick problem in our valley. Apparently on the east coast of the United States they are well known as being kept for tick control but it is not so common over here.

I had this vision of them wandering about the valley eating all the ticks in sight but so far they have kept very close to the chickens and and have not strayed far from the house.Mixing 

Not quite what I had in mind but it is early days and they may become more adventurous. The chickens seem fine with them although the cockeral is keeping an eye of them – I think he fears the competition. In fact the cockeral keeps me in my place and I certainly have to watch my back when he is around – he can get a bit aggressive.

Nicky and I are immersed in the Jelly Roll Challenge. Together with the other judges, we have narrowed the field and are busy testing the patterns of the possible winners. It is SO….. exciting. The book is going to be great – full of your quilts – there is so much talent out there. I believe the winners will be notified some time in April so not long to wait now.

I'm off to plant my broad beans and snap peas now. It is a beautiful day with the sun shining – spring is certainly in the air.