DSC01257  Now this wasn't the image with which I had planned to start this post. It was meant to be a picture of Nicky and I at the publishers sitting with the editors surrounded by the variations of the quilts we have made from the winning entries for Jelly Roll Challenge. Yes – it has been an extremely busy time but the quilts have now been judged and the twelve winners chosen. Nicky and I have made variations of all the quilts to check that the patterns work…. and they do. They are brilliant – it is all so exciting and you are all so clever.

Now the reason you have a picture of these beautiful eggs is twofold but firstly you have to appreciate the eggs. Look at the variety of colours – white, brown and the beautiful green ones…… and then just look at the size of that one in the front! My chickens are being especially productive at the moment – they obviously like the warmer weather.

Now, going back to the photo that we didn't take. Firstly, it was all so exciting that we have to admit that we totally forgot even though we had taken two cameras with us. Secondly, even if we had remembered, it might have given too much away. The publishers however will be contacting all the winners within the next few weeks and asking you all to send in your quilts for Nicky and I to quilt. The top three winners won't be announced until nearer the publication of the book. So in the meantime, please admire my eggs!