Bluebells The bluebells were glorious in Surrey a couple of weeks ago when we were moving to the new studio and as they are slightly later in Cornwall I have managed to have a double helping this year! As walking through bluebell woods is just about one of my favourite pastimes I am feeling extremely uplifted.

I am heading up to Dorking tomorrow so Nicky and I then have to find everything we need to set up our stand for Malvern.  As everything is now in a different place it will be a miracle if we find everything so if you see us with a couple of orange boxes and nothing else you will know what has happened!

The quilts from the Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts book were collected on Friday as they are being exhibited at the Malvern show where we will be launching the book and Nicky and I now have the panic of whether the books are actually going to arrive before we leave for the show. Delivery is promised for 'some time on Tuesday' and we are leaving first thing on Wednesday! What would life be like if we didn't have these little panics!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Malvern – do come and say hello and have a look at the new book. We are very pleased with it – yes we do have one copy and if the delivery doesn't arrive on Tuesday it might have rarity value!!