Malvern The past week has gone by in a whirl. I left Cornwall last Sunday night and spent the Monday and Tuesday clearing the last bits and pieces from our old warehouse and getting ready for the Malvern show.  The delivery of Layer Cake, Jelly Roll & Charm Quilts arrived Tuesday afternoon which was cutting it a bit fine but at least they arrived! We then loaded the van and car and set off on Wednesday morning to set up.

The show as always was lovely – it always has such a good atmosphere and we had all the quilts from the book exhibited plus we had lots more on the stand. Here we are with Liz Lynch who we roped into helping out. Liz used to run the shop before she moved to Cornwall and she still comes up to teach. We had a great four days at the show and everyone seemed to love the book. Got back to Dorking late Sunday night and Nicky and I then decided to re-arrange the shop and didn't leave the shop until gone midnight – must be mad!


Got up early this morning (Monday) and arrived back in Cornwall just in time to get the phone call to say that our new arrivals were being delivered in an hour. Well – I haven't told you about them but we now are the proud owners of 12 rare breed sheep plus 4 lambs. They are Manx Loachtan and Hebridean which give lovely natural brown and black wool. They all have names – although how I am going to tell them apart I'm not sure. It is going to be a steep learning curve but they look gorgeous in the field and I know I am going to love them.

I've still got the 8 guinea fowl, 6 chickens, 8 baby chicks, 3 dogs and …. oh yes… 1 husband!