Manx I absolutely promise that after these photos I won't put any more on the blog. You just have to put up with me for the moment as I have never had sheep before and they are so….. beautiful. They are just getting used to their new surroundings and keep heading up to the top of the field – yes up a very steep slope so if nothing else I shall be getting very fit. I'm told I should check them out twice a day so I head up the hill armed with two margarine tubs of sheep nuts. Apparently they are used to getting their treats from margarine tubs…. not spoiled sheep!


The very distinguished black sheep are the Hebridean – apparently favoured by Prince Charles whose interest in the breed has greatly increased their popularity. They don't seem quite so friendly as the Manx Loaghtan (I shall have to try and get that spelling right!).

I should tell you that tomorrow I am meeting the lovely people from Fowlescombe Farm (where our sheep come from) at the Devon County Show. They will be there exhibiting their award winning sheep and I might be allowed to help. I am really looking forward to it.


Last photo – this is Ursula and Tilly with their lambs. They are the only two I can name so far.

Anyway – you might think I'm not doing any work at all but I really am. I've got most of the quilts for the Jelly Roll Challenge here and am just finishing the binding on the last two. Nicky still has one more winner's quilt to quilt which has just arrived in from America and that is it. Phew!!!

The new Workshop Programme is just about finished and we're trying to get it out in time for our Summer Festival starting 3rd June although we might be being a bit optimistic there!