51nn4mJt0lL._SL500_AA240_[1] Great excitement today as Nicky and I both received our advance copies of Jelly Roll Inspirations – Nicky in Dorking and me in Cornwall – so you can imagine the phone has been red hot!

To say that we are pleased with the book would be an understatement – it is so beautiful. We know our twelve winners will be absolutely delighted with it – their quilts look absolutely gorgeous. A big thank you to David & Charles for all their hard work and imagination in creating such a lovely book and an even bigger thank you to everyone who took part in the Challenge. Your quilt might not have made it into the book this time but without everyone's enthusiasm for the project it just would not have happened.

Publication date is later in October so keep a look out for it. We are trying to think where we should have the book launch – any ideas gratefully received!