IronW  I wasn't sure which of us would expire first – my sewing machine – my iron or me! Well I am pleased to report that it wasn't me and here is my nice new iron. 

Last week Moda sent us some jelly rolls which are not due out until next spring so we just had to redo some of our quilts for the new book in these gorgeous new fabrics. I know it was a bit silly as our first quilts looked great but quilters are a little mad and when you get some brand new fabric you can't wait to see how it is going to look made up.

While Nicky has been slaving away quilting and binding all the quilts, I have been remaking some in the new ranges knowing that the deadline to get them to the publishers was just a week away!! My iron expired yesterday afternoon as I was pressing the last quilt in readiness for a border – why it couldn't have waited until the border was on and pressed I don't know but I suppose I would have had to buy another eventually as Nick is hoping to get some shirts ironed at some stage!


Nick doesn't seem overly worried about never having ironed shirts as this is the view from my sewing room. He is off with the dogs catching those elusive fish. The dogs look extremely well behaved but it is another story when he hooks a fish. They go absolutely mad and leap in the water and are a perfect nuisance.

Anyway….. quilts are now all pieced and we have been given a few extra weeks from David & Charles to get them quilted and bound. They all look brilliant – even if I say it myself and it was definitely worth redoing them in the new fabric. I shall tell you all about the new ranges in my next post.