Christmas2010new   Friday was our Quilt Room Christmas dinner – a little early this year but Margaret is off to Australia next week to see her daughter. We were also lucky enough to have Anya Townrow join us as she was teaching a workshop Friday and Saturday.

I had some things to do in Cornwall so I couldn't leave until Friday morning. I was on the road – that well known A.303 – by 4am and arrived in Dorking in time to have breakfast with Nicky. We spent the day finishing off the quilts for the new book – only one more to bind!!! and then had a lovely evening out with the girls. A good time was had by all.

Here is Chris with her desert – I'm not sure she managed to get through it all but we all enjoyed the food, wine and good company.

Nicky and I then worked on Saturday morning and I hit the A.303 again and was back in Cornwall in time for Strictly Come Dancing!



Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts will be published in July next year which seems a long way off but there is still a lot to do. There are a couple of edits to go through and then the photography. I am going to try and persuade the publishers to come and do some photography in Cornwall so I can drape a few quilts around the sheep and chickens.

Our ram by the way (now renamed Roger) doesn't seem very interested in our flock of pedigree girls. He has escaped twice now into a neighbouring field with a flock of sheep who don't have a pedigree between them! I just hope I am going to have some lambs in the spring although I am quite sure our neighbours will have lots!

I have got to show you these. Liz Lynch who used to manage The Quilt Room now lives in Cornwall and she is an amazing knitter. I gave her some natural wool from my sheep – black from the Hebridean and light brown from the Manx Loaghtan and asked her to devise a pattern for some fingerless gloves.


She came up with this selection and when we get more wool next year we are going to have knitting kits with pattern and wool to make these great gloves – all from my own sheep. How about that!!

A big thank you to Liz and my only regret is that she made all the samples for the right hand. My left hand is going to get very cold this winter!

Nicky is sending an email out next week but if you are not on our email mailing list check out the website for a couple of really great book bargains.