I was just about to take the dogs for a walk this morning when we suddenly had a hail storm. I shouldn't be at all surprised as the weather is so unpredictable but I rushed back into the house to get a hat and grabbed my camera to snap this beautiful rainbow. The hail storm only lasted about five minutes and the rainbow disappeared equally as quickly – but I managed to capture it.





I know you will already have your advent calendars started but I had to show you this  advent calendar which my friend Lally bought for her gorgeous grandchild Chloe. There is Chloe bottom left who slipped into the picture by accident. I didn't realise I had captured her but she steals the show without trying!

Don't you think this is much better than the regular advent calendars and much more important is that Chloe doesn't receive little presents in each pocket but she is being taught to pop a penny into the pockets to give to children more needy than herself. I think that is a lovely thing to do.