We offer allover edge to edge quilting and the cost covers the edge to edge patterns plus any threads used. Our patterns are divided into ‘simple’ and ‘complex’.

Quilt Size Simple Complex Basting
Up to 40″ x 50″ £65 £80 £40
Up to 60″ x 70″ £85 £100 £45
Up to 70″ x 90″ £120 £135 £50
Up to 80″ x 95″ £135 £150 £55
Up to 90″ x 100″ £145 £160 £60
Up to 110″ x 110″ £165 £190 £65
Up to 120″ x 120″ £185 £205 £70

All threads that we use are 100% cotton and included within the quilting price.


We offer a 2½ inch double fold straight grain binding with mitred corners. If you wish to use our service we can either sew it to the front of the quilt ready for you to finish at home or, at an additional cost, we can hand sew it for you.

Quilt Size Attach to front of quilt Attach and hand finish
Up to 40″ x 50″ £20 £50
Up to 60″ x 70″ £25 £55
Up to 70″ x 90″ £30


Up to 80″ x 95″ £35 £70
Up to 90″ x 100″ £40 £80
Up to 110″ x 110″ £50 £100
Up to 120″ x 120″ £60


For those who want their quilt top quilted as a matter of urgency, we offer a Priority Service whereby, at an additional cost, we will fast track your quilt and post it back to you within a week. If you wish to use this service, you must call ahead and book it in. Our Prority Service costs an additional £30.00 to the total price of our service.

Quilting Patterns

We do have many patterns and we will be trying to put them on this page so you can view them more easily. In the meantime, click on the link below and download the pdf document to see our patterns.

Bear in mind that with all patterns we are able to enlarge or reduce plus we are able to source patterns if you have a particular theme in mind.

If you’re unable to view the download then send us an email and we’ll pop a hard copy in the post to you. sales@quiltroom.co.uk

Download Q-Patterns.pdf

Quilt Preparation

Quilt Preparation Check List

RAll loose threads must be trimmed. Please press your quilt top.

RPlease pin a note on your quilt top indicating the top end. (This only applies if your quilt is directional).

RIf you are providing your own backing and wadding, they need to be at least 4 inches larger on all sides.

RYour backing must be squared up and pressed.
We do have 108″ backing fabrics in stock and we offer a
10% discount on all we use. Please ask us for further information.

RWe have a wide selection of waddings to choose from and we offer a 10% discount on all we use.

RDo not baste your quilt.

RThreads: We provide all threads which are specially recommended for our machine. They are all 100% cotton and you can choose from either plain or variegated. These are included in the total price and there is no extra charge for the variegated.

RIf you are mailing us your quilt top, please make sure that you have it fully insured. (your post office can advise). When returning your quilt by post, we will also have it fully insured.

RIf you are using our binding service, then please provide us with sufficient fabric.

Note: To measure how much binding fabric you need:
Measure all four sides of your quilt top and add them together.
Example: Total of four sides = 200 inches. 

Divide the total by the width of the fabric you will be using.
Example: 200’’ ÷ 40’’ = 5

Multiply by 2½ inches (required size for double fold binding).
Example: 5 x 2½’’ = 12½’’.

Add another 5 inches to allow for mitred corners and joining strips.
Example: 12½’’ plus 5’’ = 17½’’.
Therefore you need to provide 17½’’ of binding fabric.

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