Well it has been some week. I am now back in Cornwall – Friday night and I think an early night is absolutely necessary. I left on Wednesday to go up to London for the preview of the V&A Quilt Exhibition. A few of the girls had also expressed an interest so five of us decided to go.V&A2

This was one of our favourite quilts which had a sundial centre and such beautiful little blocks. This photo doesn't do it justice. I would recommend the exhibition to anyone – if I had one comment to make it would be that it was a little on the dark side. I know we have to be careful of the light on precious fabric but sometimes it was a little difficult to actually see the quilts, especially the ones laid out on beds. But that is such a small criticism and it was great to see a quilt exhibition in just about the best museum in the world.



I just loved this painting of a soldier doing his patchwork in the hospital after being injured at war. I don't think you would see too many men sitting up in bed doing their patchwork these days…. and dig that night cap!

Okay… and now you have to remember that Nicky was due to have her baby on 2nd March. Well the little person just wasn't that keen to make an appearance and here we were two weeks later and still no baby and Nicky getting just a little bit fed up.

They admitted her to hospital on Tuesday when she was two weeks overdue but he still seemed very reluctant.

Last night however Freddie Roworth Humphrey was delivered by c-section and here is a picture of a very proud first-time grandmother. I shall leave a picture of the proud mum until my next post as she was absolutely exhausted and not quite ready for a camera shoot!

Freddie 2 Yes I definitely look very tentative – can I really have had three of these myself. You forget just how small they are. Even though he was overdue he only weighed in at 6lb 8oz so he really is a tiny little thing.

Oh yes, and just one more thing happened this week. We received the cover design of the new book Two From One Jelly Roll Quilts. I think it looks great. I will get an image up for you to have a look at as soon as I can.

I was also trying to get organised for the Exeter Show which is next weekend while in Dorking. If you are planning to attend do come and say hello – I shall have some of the quilts from the new book on display.

We've just opened a bottle of champagne to toast little Freddie. Well done Nicky and Rob – I think I am going to enjoy being a grandma.