2From1JellyRollCvr I know this delivery was never going to be as exciting as Nicky's but how about this for a cover. We think it is absolutely lovely – David & Charles certainly do a great job in the design of the books – the photography just gets better and better.

We are aiming for the launch of the book at the NEC in August and we really hope you are going to like it. Just in case you didn't get the message from the title……. we have made two quilts from each jelly roll. We chose twenty strips and made the first quilt in one design and then with the remaining twenty strips we made a second quilt in a different design. You will be amazed how different the quilts look – sometimes it's difficult to imagine they are both from the same jelly roll.

We will have some of the quilts on display at the shows before the NEC. I shall be at Exeter next weekend and then we shall be at Malvern and Sandown. Come and have a look at them and hopefully be inspired.

P.S. Mother and baby are doing very well and will be out of hospital today.