DSC01547 Yes you've guessed – the suitcase on the left was for Malvern and the suitcase on the right is for Minneapolis where Spring Market is being held this year. If I were to say that the Malvern show could be fitted in about twenty or so times, I think that is a pretty good description of how large the American show is. A good pair of walking shoes is essential. The organiser of the show always stress that fashion stops at the knee!

Barely time to check out my lambs and my  chickens – not to mention my husband – and off I go again.  Nicky of course cannot go this year as Freddie is just too young to be left and I will miss her immensely.

However, I have for company Chris who runs the longarm quilting department. It is her first visit to an American show and she is very excited and looking forward to checking out any new patterns and gadgets for the longarm.

There will be so much to see and I will take lots of photos. So… watch this space and I will be back next week.