The icy weather has been with us too long and for the last couple of days we have been totally iced in with treacherous roads. So I have been going through my summer photos trying to remember what it felt like to see green everywhere instead of white. Also I have lost the lead which connects my camera to my computer so although I've taken lots of pictures of the sheep covered in frost I can't get them on to the blog yet. Nor can I get to the shops to buy another one!!

Here is the gorgeous Freddie not being quite as impressed with Nick's salmon as Nick would have liked. Freddie is far too interested in the dogs who are trying to jump up and lick the salmon!




At least I've managed to do a lot of sewing and the latest book is coming along well – the publishers will be very pleased to hear that. My panics are over and I actually believe we might get it to them on time!