Nicksnow Sheepsnow









Yes snow has finally come to Cornwall. We have escaped a lot of the bad weather but this week we are definitely cut off. The picture bottom right is the Manx Loaghtan flock trying to find some patches of grass to eat. We have been watching them pawing at the ground to get to the grass. We have put out lots of hay for them but they are not so keen. The Hebrideans in our other field are quite happy with some hay but not the Manx. Nick has been out and about making sure they all are okay.

The lake (actually a big pond!) which Nick dug out this past summer is half frozen over and looking back down on the house it certainly looks pretty bleak. We can see the sun on the hillside but one of the disadvantages of being right down at the bottom of a valley is that the sun never quite gets to you in the winter. I hope everyone is managing to keep snug and warm. I have managed to bind five quilts for the next book over the past few days so I am now up to date and looking forward to Christmas. If I could get out I would go and start my Christmas shopping – you think I'm joking!