Well I did promise you some photos of Freddie's first birthday. Nicky and Rob had a few of his friends round on Saturday although I think Freddie was a little overwhelmed by it all.








Yes presents are great but this paper is so much fun and just look at that card…. there was just too much for him to take in.

One present that was a great success was this tractor – endless hours of fun on this.







Nicky and I had lots of fun the evening before making endless cup cakes, cheese straws and other goodies. We seemed to make enough for an army! It certainly made a change from sewing together – neither of us are particularly known for our culinary skills but everything turned out pretty well.

It was a great day and I got to meet all Freddie's friends and of course their mums and dads.

I'm now back in Cornwall having a brief break from sewing as I am planning my veggie garden. The weather is beautiful and it inspires you to get out and dig.