In the South West we have had glorious weather for over a week now – absolutely gorgeous sunshine and suddenly the long, long winter seems a thing of the past! Okay I know it won't last but it is wonderful. Nick and I have been hard at work in the garden. As you can see I always have company although I can't say that they are much help.










Nick's gardening is much more 'manual' than mine and he has been digging out the pond he made last year. Martin with his JCB came in to dig out the pond while Nick was driving a dumper truck borrowed from our neighbours up the hill. I can't Ipad2 remember how many tons they moved but I know I had to be duly impressed! 

… and can you see what Nick is holding in his left hand?

No of course you can't but I can tell you that it is his birthday present which I had just given him and yes it is an IPad2. Now Nick is definitely not a computer whizz so I was a bit surprised when he mentioned wanting one. They weren't yet available but his birthday was Sunday and PC World in Plymouth were having a limited amount going on sale at 5pm on the Friday so somehow I had to get hold of one…. and yes it meant queuing for a couple of hours but mission accomplished!

Even though the weather is still beautiful I have to come inside today to do some sewing – got to make 28 sleeves to go on the back of some quilts which are going on exhibition in May and June. I have some lovely volunteers coming on Thursday to help hand sew the sleeves to the quilts and I haven't started making the sleeves yet!