Welsh Medallion

My Delilah jelly roll arrived from the shop and I knew I would be inspired.

I have a gorgeous Welsh medallion quilt in my collection which I want to use in our Antique to Heirloom series of patterns. I have been waiting for just the right fabric and Delilah is going to be perfect.

I couldn't wait to get started and I had my strips sorted about half an hour after the parcel arrived. Here is the centre of my medallion quilt. The original had only one star but I have adapted the design to make it more jelly roll friendly.

I will try and get it finished quickly as it would make a super Block of the Month – having a different border each month using different techniques. I will try………

Just to keep you up to date with the lambing. We now have ten lambs – one of the Hebs born today is very tiny and born to a very young ewe who doesn't seem to know what on earth is going on. He seems to be feeding all right though and can just about totter around so I'm pretty optimistic.