I'm finding it quite difficult to find images to put on the blog at present as I am spending all my time working on the Dream Challenge quilts and of course I can't show anyone what I am working on. I don't want to give anything away.

I have just come back from a very very busy time in Dorking. I drove up late Wednesday night and then worked a 14 hour day on Thursday and a 12 hour day on Friday…. and then decided I wanted to be back home in Cornwall so drove 4 hours home. I think I drove everyone mad in the shop as I was a bit manic but we got so much done.  Is it worth living in Cornwall with the shop in Dorking? Absolutely……. I just love Cornwall and I love where I live.

This is my supper tonight. Sea trout which Nick caught from our little piece of river while I was up in Dorking, courgettes picked today from my vegetable garden and gooseberry and rhubarb pie also picked today – yes I know a pretty wierd combination but it was good. We also had carrots and potatoes from the veggie patch.

SeatroutCourgettes Gooseberrypie

Now back to the Dream Challenge which is what you all want to know about…… Nicky and I have a meeting with the publishers next week and fingers crossed and with no last minute changing our minds we hope to present them with the twelve winners then. Once David & Charles have our decision they will then put the wheels in motion to let everyone know.  You will definitely be advised by the end of the month – so not long now. We have read and re-read the patterns over and over again making sure we have not missed anything and we have tested nearly twenty of the designs. Can we really be getting near that final decision – WOW!!!