After the hectic past weeks of judging and then sewing the variations of the gorgeous winning quilts for the Dream Challenge I'm taking some time out to enjoy the weather and the garden. The weather in Cornwall has been fantastic and the veggie patch is looking pretty good – that is more than can be said for me in my stylish garden shoes!



I've never grown carrots before and I can't imagine why. We have had a bumper crop of them and of course courgettes always do well. Any recipes for courgettes gratefully received – I always run out of ideas on what to do with them.

… and notice those lovely blueberries.







And now to impress all you golfers out there.  Playing with my friend Lesley at St. Mellion this week I  drove to about six feet of the flag on a par 3 and then not to be outdone she drove and landed right beside me. However not so impressive is the fact that we both missed our birdie puts!

It's lovely not being attached to the sewing machine or the computer for a while although there is still so much to be done both with the Challenge book and also the Antique to Heirloom book which we are working on as well. However, you've just got to make the most of the sun while it's shining. Hope you are all enjoying it as well.