NECpamTomorrow is the last day of The Festival of Quilts. Pictured is Pam early this morning looking very keen and raring to go – needless to say she looks a little less energetic this evening as today was a really busy day, just what we hoped for.

We haven't had a chance to look at many quilts yet in the exhibition but we did sneak a glance at one of the winning quilts – a pictorial quilt depicting an African scene - absolutely stunning. We aim to see the rest of the exhibition tomorrow morning and from what our customers have been saying we are in for a treat.

Our latest book 'More Jelly Roll, Layer Cake & Charm Quilts' arrived just in time for us to pack it in our van for the show. We are really very pleased with this book and it seems that everyone likes it as we have nearly sold out of our show stock!



Today was a really special day as we met three of the winners from the Jelly Roll Dream Challenge who came to the show and met up on our stand. It was a little like a blind date as this was the first time they had met too!

Pictured on the left is Angelika who had just flown in from Germany. In the centre is Tina, who is German but living in England and on the right is Claire from England. You will just have to wait until May next year when the book is published before you will be able to see their quilts. Nothing like keeping you in suspense!