Okay I know you are not supposed to be putting on the label just before they are being collected by the courier but sometimes life is like that!

The Challenge quilts are all arriving at The Quilt Room today which is exciting enough and here I am down in Cornwall putting on labels to two of the quilts which are going in our Antique to Heirloom Jelly Roll Quilt book due out next year. They are off to the publishers today as they are needed for photography for the advance material.





When it comes to labels everyone has their own preference but please do put on a label. Only one of our antique quilts featured in the new book has a label which is such a shame. We would like to know much more about the makers of our cherished antique quilts and just think about it….. our quilts will be antiques one day!

Here is our very basic label but at least future generations of quilters will know who we were and why our quilt was made. We print out our labels on to a Miracle Fabric sheet which feeds into our printer and prints out just like paper. You then peel the calico off and sew it to the quilt. Simple but it does the job.