The day before market begins is Schoolhouse – this is where they offer over 250 different classes that essentially showcase and introduce new products and techniques. Obviously you don’t go to all of them! You pick up your schedule in the morning (you’re not allowed a copy beforehand) and then you frantically go through highlighting the ones you want to see and then off you go! We particularly liked listening to the designers for Lecien – Brenda Riddle, Lynette Anderson, Sarah Fielke and Natalie Lymer. They have some fantastic new fabric ranges coming out and we will definitely be making our way over to the Lecien booth over the next few days.  Ok – the picture isn’t great but you can see Sarah Fielke talking (she’s the talented quilter and author of Material Obsession) – and the quilt is made up with some of the fabric from her new range called St Ives. You can also just about see Lynette Anderson behind her –  if you’ve been in our shop recently you will have seen her stunning Scandinavian Christmas collection.

Lecien at Schoohouse

We then met up with Pat Sloan for our radio interview.  We were very nervous about this – some people are great at public speaking and some (like us) get hugely nervous and shy away from it.  But, despite all the nerves it was fine. Pat is lovely and made it feel like just having a good old catch up. We will let you know when it is aired!

radio interview with Pat Sloan

We then had time to pop into the exhibition – although it is still in the final stages of the set up  but we had to check that the four winning quilts of the Jelly Roll Dream Challenge were there! They look great and such worthy prize winners – can’t say any more until 4.30pm tomorrow!!!!

We also had to put a picture up of Pam with Rachel Cross from Creative Grids. Rachel is the designer of Creative Grids rulers alongside her husband Matt. We have known them a very long time and it’s always lovely to see a familiar face. Rachel had been presenting her new rulers to Schoolhouse which we will be stocking in the future. She also very kindly promoted our new ‘just one jelly roll’ patterns which use the Creative Grids rulers.

pam and rachel

The day is not quite finished yet – we are currently in our hotel for a short break  but we will be heading back shortly for Samplespree. This is where we buy our samples of future ranges. It is quite simply manic and there were rumours one year of two ladies locked in a fist fight – which judging by how incredibly busy it gets we can quite easily believe!