After a long flight we arrived with all our luggage still intact which was a huge relief as we have taken everything for our stand- so suitcases are packed to the max! Although we did nearly miss our first flight as Pam and Mandy Shaw of Dandelion Designs (who was on the same flights) were too busy chatting!
Kansas City is known for fountains (apparently is second after Venice with the number of fountains), jazz music and barbecues. So we went and had a lovely fish barbecue dinner with strawberry mojitos and then collapsed into bed (from tiredness, not mojitos!).
So today we set up our stand. Our bunting which was the one thing we forgot is being sent out to us so hopefully we’ll get that tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted with lots of pictures.
The picture above is the view from our hotel room so just a short walk to the convention centre.