Dreamer Fabric

We spend a lot of our time designing jelly roll quilts so when we use a different form of precut in a quilt (in this case fat quarters)  it feels quite exciting.  Before jelly rolls came along – over ten years now, a lot of our designs were fat quarter friendly and it’s lovely to dip back into that way of thinking every now and then.  Fat quarter quilts are fantastic for using up your fabric stash and what’s better than a fat quarter quilt that’s quick and clever to make too!

fat quarter pattern

Our free quilt pattern download Busy Bee is a variation of one of our older patterns, Busy Lizzie. The technique is a liberated form of patchwork (so non-conformists will love this!) using a simple stack, shuffle and sew method. The quilt goes together ridiculously quickly so makes for an ideal day project or when you just have to make something.

You work with either fat quarters or fat eighths and we used a selection from Carrie Bloomston’s Dreamer Fat Quarter Collection which you can find online with a handy 10% discount.  Our finished quilt size was 64in x 80in but if you just remember that each fat quarter will give you four blocks, then you can adapt our pattern to make it whatever size you like.

Requirements for pattern

Quilt Size: 64in x 80in
Block Size: finished 8in blocks

Setting: 8 x 10 blocks

  • 21 fat quarters
  • 60cms binding

Click on the link  to download our free quilt pattern and watch our video for a quick demo on how to make the block :

Click here to download Busy Bee Pattern


Busy Bee backing

We made the quilt in record time and then it was whisked from rural Cornwall (where Pam lives) up to Dorking for it to be longarm quilted by Chris in our studio. We decided on a fairly neutral even toned grey thread so that it was not too heavy or bold on the fabrics as we really wanted the focus of the quilt to be the amazing prints. For the quilting pattern, we settled on African Maze. This had a gentle enough curve not to jar with the straight lines of the quilt but also echoed some of the shapes in the fabric patterns. For the backing, we went for the blue leaf print and you can really see the lovely quilting coming to life.

Busy Bee on longarm machine.