Launch of New Ways with Jelly Rolls

It is always an exciting time waiting for the first copy of a new book to be delivered. Well we have had our first copy delivered to us - yes we only have one copy so Nicky and I have to share it for the moment. We are really pleased with it and we hope you are [...] Continue Reading

We LOVE Log Cabin!

Our pattern Log Cabin Hidden Stars which featured in our first book, Jelly Roll Quilts  has to be one of our all time best selling patterns.  In the US this pattern has sold five times more than any other pattern - just goes to show we do love a good 'ol Log [...] Continue Reading

Quilt of the Week

We just had to share this gorgeous quilt which passed through our longarm studio this week.   Made by Nicola Wintle for her father's 80th birthday - this is the perfect quilt for keeping him warm when he is busy working in his study.  We used a very popular [...] Continue Reading

Dutch Heritage Frame quilt

How do you like our brand new pattern Dutch Heritage Frame Quilt?  It is using the brand new reproduction fabrics from the Dutch Heritage collection.  With the help of a gorgeous border print, this quilt can be made quickly and easily.  We have used two simple [...] Continue Reading

Log Cabin Sparkles

We have suddenly realised that we haven't posted our finished quilt - so sorry - it really hasn't taken this long to finish. It is now with our publishers ready to go into our new book New Ways with Jelly Rolls due out towards the end of the year.  We really liked [...] Continue Reading

Lottie Da Jelly Baby

Pictured are the makings of our new quilt. We are using two Lottie Da by Heather Bailey jelly babies and I think there is going to be a lot of pressing involved in this quilt - but we're quite pleased how the first few blocks are looking.  We'll post a picture once [...] Continue Reading

Di Ford Mystery BOM

This is a fabulous new mystery Block of the Month by Di Ford and in association with Quiltmania.  It is a six part BOM running over 2014 - each fabric pack will be sent out every two months.  The pattern and instructions will be published in Quiltmania.  This is [...] Continue Reading

Reversible Jelly Roll Quilt

This is our new jelly roll quilt - called FIRECRACKER!  It is part of our modern reversible jelly roll quilt patterns.  We used an Amish jelly roll coupled with a dark border.  The back of the quilt is made up of all the offcuts so there is no wastage! We have [...] Continue Reading

modern reversible jelly roll quilts

The unique beauty of making quilts is that quite simply you can never tire or be bored.  Fabrics change, trends come and go but there is always something out there to inspire you.  We find that designing quilt patterns is an organic process in that it kind of just [...] Continue Reading

Kate’s First Quilt

Sometimes you get a customer in the shop who you want the world to know about. This nine year old, Kate Lyall, came into the shop in Dorking with her mother and wanted to make a quilt. Oh yes - I can hear you say it - her mother will probably be doing it. No such [...] Continue Reading