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Keeping our hands warm with our knitted gloves!

We just had to share this photo. Last week we spent a few days down in Cornwall after our quilt show. Pam has quite a lot of sheep so there's always work to be done looking after them. Halfway through the day we noticed we were both wearing gloves that had been [...] Continue Reading

Houses made of sticks and sheep with new haircuts!

What great fun we had when Nicky and family came down to Cornwall -  with all the dogs, chickens, guinea fowl and 70 sheep - there is always a lot to do and lots to look after!   Rob (Nicky's husband) tested out his Ray Mears' skills and built Freddie a house [...] Continue Reading

Lambing has begun

[caption id="attachment_331" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Vera with Twins"][/caption]   We have been waiting in anticipation for the last week and at last our first lambs  have arrived. Vera is one of our original Manx Loaghtan sheep which we [...] Continue Reading

Home at Last!

  Back in Cornwall and I do believe the sheep have missed me - I know I have missed them. And we all know this feeling - great to be away and meeting lots of lovely people but oh how nice it is to be back curled up in a chair with quilt and cup of tea and [...] Continue Reading

Make the most of the summer!

                    After the hectic past weeks of judging and then sewing the variations of the gorgeous winning quilts for the Dream Challenge I'm taking some time out to enjoy the [...] Continue Reading

Happy Easter!

 Happy Easter to everyone. The weather couldn't have been better and I hope you all had a lovely holiday. We have had one of those rare holidays when all the family managed to get together. Our sons Robert and Mike managed to get down plus Jack a family [...] Continue Reading

Lambing Live!

      As if on cue when Lambing Live starts on television our girls suddenly realise it definitely is time. Vitalia is the first this year - one of our friendliest Hebrideans. She has given birth to twin girls Bella and Blossom. Mother and [...] Continue Reading

Forget the snow and ice!

The icy weather has been with us too long and for the last couple of days we have been totally iced in with treacherous roads. So I have been going through my summer photos trying to remember what it felt like to see green everywhere instead of white. Also I have [...] Continue Reading

Herding Sheep!

Here are Nicky, Rob and Freddie who were down in Cornwall for the week. They spent a few days in a magnificent apartment overlooking the sea at Newquay and then came and spent a few days with us. They came at just the right time as we had to [...] Continue Reading

Fingerless Gloves from My Sheep

   AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT..........A QUESTION. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR THIS.............................................   TO BECOME THIS?     AND THE ANSWER... It takes as long as you can order your [...] Continue Reading