Bondaweb (44cm wide)

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Sold in increments of ¼m.  For 1m, type '4' in the box.

Bondaweb is a web adhesive on paper. The paper supports the web while drawing as well as ironing. With Bondaweb, different materials and fabrics can be fused together by ironing, very easily

For almost all fabrics, raffia, cardboard and, at lower temperatures also for leather

To use: 1.

Draw the motif on the paper side of Bondaweb.

Cut out roughly.


Place Bondaweb with the rough side on the wrong side of the fabric.

Iron dry for 5 seconds.


Cut the motif out precisely, remove paper backing.


Place with the coated side down on the fabric, with a damp cloth iron each area for about 10 seconds - step by step.


To complete the process, stitch the application with a zig-zag stitch.

For additional stability, place Stitch-n-Tear underneath when needed.

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